Proverbs 4: 23  Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life.

    How many times have we broken our own hearts because of the things we say to ourselves?

     Sometimes we blame other people for the monster of thoughts we have inside our minds. Even if bad things happen to us, we can’t let that ruin our mind and future. 

      This week I had to aggressively tell myself that “not all men are the same”. Sounds crazy, huh? I’m single telling myself this, ha! As a woman, daughter, sister, cousin, and friend I try to scout examples of how the men close to me treat others, their partners, and ultimately me. I watch closely because there are things that have stunned me both in a positive and negative way. This week one of the close men in my life completely shook my heart and that spiraled me to start believing that if a man that is my blood treats me this way, I shouldn’t expect more from others.

       I know what happened doesn’t give me a reason to think that, but it did. I was fighting reality and my imagination. I already had a weight of lessons learned from previous relationships that I will never tolerate again to now my own flesh and blood to continue treating me this way, which I also was not going to tolerate. 

       I quickly realized I was not going to let myself fall into that mind trap of “guys ain’t caca”. I was not going to let negative thoughts ruin a possible beautiful future. I write all this to say, don’t let a situation rock you so hard you stop believing in the good in you or in people. 

 But, on the other note, if “YOU ACT UP, YOU GON’ GET SMASHED UP”




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